Stephanie Coker’s Husband, Olumide Aderinokun, Denies Reports That He Cheated on Her

Olumide Aderinokun has sort of denied the rumours making rounds that he cheated on his wife, the media personality Stephanie Coker.

According to LIB, drama started yesterday when ‘incriminating’ shots of the estate developer and a university student surfaced online, and the reports claimed he invited the student, later identified as Yolanda Aiyemo, to Lagos. He allegedly booked a room for her at the Eko Signature hotel, and shortly after, was found out that ‘exposed’ on the internet.

Yolanda locked her Instagram page and edited her bio after the news surfaced, and this morning, Adenirokun, who was previously arrested by the Lagos State Government for land fraud, took to his Instagram to deny the story.

“Fake news,” he said.

See his post:

Stephanie Coker has yet to speak out since the news surfaced.

The couple got married in August 2017.



  • my main concern is the girl. the news must have been so overwhelmming for this young lady to lock her instagram account. from the chat it is obvious that stephanies husband was obviously flirting and the young lady was enjoying the attention from the celeb ( as any young lady of her age would have), although it is not an excuse. until there is real proof that the babe slept with him or met him in the hotel, i refuse to believe this news. her leaving the school is not enough proof

  • i do not believe that this affair legit happened. this is simply an issue of pure misunderstanding especially on the path of the young girl. a real bitch aint gonna delete her instagram account for this, it is simply just a means to blow. low key she’s a small girl that just felt talking to stephaine’s husband must be cool and the most messed up thing was that she probably showed it to her friends like hey i am talking to this person and that’s how she messed up. her leaving the school is not enough proof,

  • i simply agree with the last comment. her friends just wanted to put her in trouble cause this thing might have been a very costly joke. how old is the girl? 17 or 18?

  • 19. i know this babe personally. shes all them smart kids, computer engineering 300 level. well i am vert suprised over this shit cause this is not a bad kid. Yeah shes a jaiye jaiye girl but not sleeping with someone’s husband. i dont like her personally but i don’t believe this shit

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