Tell It Tuesday: HELP!!! My Boyfriend Demands Too Much Anal Sex

I’m a 20-year old undergraduate and only just started having sex with my boyfriend, who’s in the same University with me. The first time we did it, I cried the entire time and asked him if he was going to marry me because I couldn’t live with myself if he didn’t. And he promised he would.


However, after having sex a couple of more times, he started asking for anal sex. He said it was a better way for him to enjoy sex. I love him a lot but I don’t like the idea. I don’t know if I should tell him how I feel about it but I have a feeling he wouldn’t like it and may affect how he feels for me.

Apart from the fact that I feel very dirty after it,  I’m also worried because I don’t know if this will be harmful to my rectum or cause hemorrhoids or any other condition. He goes behind me more than 4 times a week.
Please help me, I need your advice.
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  • You have got it wrong by equating sex with love. It is LUST not love. It is sad that at 20, you have given yourself cheaply to your boyfriend who obviously will dump you sooner or later notwithstanding his feeble promise to marry you. A lady’s pride is her private part, which should be tasted by her husband after marriage, not before it. That he got you cheaply to the extent of frequently demanding anal sex from you will make him not to really trust you but, assume that you will readily open your legs to any smart Alec like him hence likely to jilt you! Sex with the opposite or same gender has a lot of health risks. If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will not demand any form of sex from you but respect your body. You are hereby advised to cut off from that sexual relationship, ask God for forgiveness, and concentrate on your studies so as to pass your exams with flying colours. The man truly meant for you will eventually come, and respect your body, unlike the beast intent on lust.

  • wat type of lv is that sleeping with u from ur anus ur viginal is nt enough and who toid u he will marry u at20 all ur body is open for infection pls do away with that toxic u call lv

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