UK Based Man Shares Messages He Got From A Nigerian And An Argentinian Lady. (Photos)

A Nigerian man based Leicester, United Kingdom, who strongly believes in his culture – has compared a message he got from his fellow countryman and a message he got from an Argentinian lady. According to Uba Acho, the message he got from the Nigerian was filled with insults because of his different religious views while the Argentinian lady politely tried to inquire about Nigerian culture and history.

Uba Acho implied that while a foreigner is interested to know his culture, his countryman is busy insulting him and wishing him bad.

This is what Uba Acho shared on his social media page;

Spot The Difference?

These are two of the hundreds of messages I get on hourly basis in my inbox.

One screenshot is a message from a brother, my fellow Blackman, African and Nigerian. He coursed me, wish me bad and evil for having a different view about his religion and trying to promote our culture and identity. This my brother will rather see me that share same black gene suffer and die, for the sake of a middle eastern man that allegedly lived 2000yrs ago.

On the second screenshot, is a message from a fellow from faraway Argentina , I do not know, and chances are we may never meet in life nor will our paths cross. But she’s interested to know about this culture I’m talking, she’s curious, she’s inquisitive to know. That doesn’t make her non believer in Christianity.I don’t like putting my people down, because when and if I do so, I’m equally putting myself down, because I see myself in every Blackman, African, Nigerian and Igbo.

But truth be said, we’ve got work to do in the area of reasoning and thinking.

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