Unbelievable: This Woman Has Had 80 Affairs With Married Men Since Her Husband’s Death (Photo)

A mum has gone public about a series of adulterous affairs and says she blames women for men’s cheating. 

Since the death of her GP husband Stephen in 2004, Louise Van Der Velde, 43, juggles multiple affairs with various lovers.

She says the weeks after Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year for s*x because it’s a wake-up call to so many people in “dead relationships”.

Louise claims her lovers’ wives are aware they are cheating, but turn a blind eye because they have gone off s*x.

The brunette said: “All this ‘till death do us part’ nonsense assumes monogamy works for everyone.

“This is not realistic and not in line with human nature. In order for love and passion to re-enter a marriage, there are other ways.

“This is why living my s*x life to the max and educating people about the future of love is my life’s work.

“People should judge less and just have more great s*x. You sure as heck can tell the ones who need it most – the ones who are unhappy. Life’s too short to stick to s*x with only one partner.”

Louise from Harrogate, North Yorks., said she started cheating on her husband towards the end of his life.

She added: “We decided to embark on an open relationship in the last few years before he died. I have carried on the same way ever since.

“His death made me realise you have to seize the day and make the most of every day.

“Lots of wives only have themselves to blame when their husbands cheats. They lose interest in s*x and effectively abandon them in the bedroom.”

Louise, who works as a s*x therapist and shields her two children aged 12 and 17 from her affairs, runs seminars for couples and singletons to speak about their s*xual fantasies.

People then have the option of attending events where they can have s*x with other partygoers through her company Future Love.

She meets all her lovers on IllicitEncounters.com – a dating site for married people.

Christian Grant, a spokesman for the page, said: “Post Valentine’s is one of the busiest times of the year for us with 20% rise in registrations.

“We see similar surges after Christmas and the summer holidays.

“Louise is a fairly typical of our female members – sexually driven women who are looking to meet wealthy men for passion and excitement.”

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