Unbelievable: Young Woman Hides Corpse Of Baby Girl Under Her Bed For 6 Days

According to a report by Daily Star UK, Ayesha Tariq, a mere 19-year-old lady hid her baby girl’s dead body in a shoe box under her bed for six days after giving birth in secret.

The teenager at the time, even sat a mock exam the next day while keeping the shocking secret from her mother Tasleem Akhtar.

And it wasn’t until her mum smelt something funny coming from her daughter’s room three days later that the horrifying discovery was made.

Yet when she found out, she and Ayesha didn’t alert the authorities for another three days when they took her to a hospital.

Bradford Coroners Court heard yesterday how Ayesha claimed she had been raped by two men in an alleyway, but later admitted she was in a consensual but secret relationship.

She was arrested on suspicion of infanticide, attempting to pervert the course of justice for the false r*pe allegation and preventing the baby’s burial.

Her mother was also held on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and burial offences.

Both were later released on police bail and the CPS are not intending to take further action.

Ayesha, now 23, broke down in tears during the inquest as she refused to answer 36 questions about the circumstances of the birth, which took place alone in her bedroom in the early hours of February 27, 2013.

She told the hearing she had felt “scared and ashamed” about the pregnancy and wore baggy clothing to conceal it.

Ayesha, who believes the baby was stillborn, explained to the the court she had not felt any movement from the baby since November 2012.

She added: “Everyday I wanted to ask someone for help, I don’t know what stopped me.”

The hearing heard details from Dr Kirsten Hope and Dr Jens Stahlschmidt who carried out a post-mortem on the baby.

They concluded a cause of death could not be ascertained and could not establish whether the baby had taken a breath on the balance of probabilities.

Dr Hope added no injuries or bruising had been found on the body of the baby, nor any physical evidence of asphyxiation.

Offering a narrative verdict, coroner Martin Fleming said: “There is insufficient evidence on the balance of probabilities to determine whether baby Tariq as born alive or stillborn.”

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