Woman Returns Home To Find Her Husband Dead Just 2 Hours After Going Out For Evangelism

Victor Ejide, a human rights lawyer based in Onitsha, Anambra State, has petitioned the state police command to unravel those behind the gruesome murder of an 89-year old man, Jeremiah Onunkwo, who was allegedly assassinated  inside his own house on Wednesday, January 31, Vanguard reports.

In the petition, addressed to the state Commissioner of Police, Umar Garba, Ejide recalled that the deceased Onunkwo was slaughtered inside his house at Umusiome village, Nkpor-Agu, adding that the gory incident occured at about 10 a.m. on the fateful day.

Ejide  recalled that though very old and visually impaired, the deceased was blessed with good health and unusual physical strength, adding that his lifeless body was found by his wife, Anulika Onunkwo, when she returned to the house at about 11.30 a.m., barely two hours after she left the house for evangelism.

He noted that very sharp cuts were found on his head and body, which could only be inflicted by the use of a sharp machete or axe, adding that the deceased’s phone was also stolen by the murderer(s).

He stated that his further inquiries revealed that the assailant(s) evidently entered the house of the  Onunkwo and  exited through the back door, adding that the deceased was slaughtered in a hidden corner of the house, his clothes torn in the process and his swollen neck showed further that in addition to the sharp cut meted on him, the killer (s) equally strangled him.

Insisting that there is no doubt as to whether he was assassinated, the petitioner contended that the shape of the wound, the injury on the neck, the stolen handset and the torn clothes all lend credence to the assertion that he was murdered, adding, “in his life time, Jerry Onunkwo was a very active minister of Jehovah’s Witness, a model in the neighbourhood and would be remembered for his high sense of humour and generosity.” 

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