Adive Column: My husband Brought his girlfriend to our home in the name of a maid


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I have never been this pained in my life as I am right now. How can a  husband be so cruel to is own wife?. I thought this man loves me but no, he is a devil.

I didnt know my husband was so callous until he brought his girlfriend to our matrimonial home in the name of a help.
I needed a maid because I got a promotion at work and my working hours increased. The monster suggested that he has a relative who lost her mother late last year and need someone to stay with. It was perfect, she was 16 and just about the age range I wanted.
So, she came and I liked her instantly – you know that sort of person your mind is at peace with naturally.
The bomb exploded when I got off early one Monday morning due to morning sickness. As in, I’m even pregnant with our second child. No one was expecting me, I opened the door with my key and went to kitchen to get water from the fridge then headed upstairs.
Went to our room and there the bomb exploded in my face. My maid was just sucking my husband off. I screamed so loud, I’m so sure I cut a lung. The monster was busy telling me, its because I’m hardly home. For Christ’s sake I sleep in the house every night and I’m home every Sunday, so what stupid excuse is that.
Please guys…I need advice. I only see such things in Nollywood movies and I never thought it could happen to me. Should I still stay with that monster?


  • Honestly,so men are not trying at all.There is absolutely for and the one given is nonsense,for christ sake the woman is a human that has feeling and emition,even if u can’t cope with your wife why bringing your girlfriend home?to me it is too childlish
    I have every reason to do more than this in my marriage but i won’t try it.Dont worry ma,just stay and see how God will disgrace them it is an attack on your marriage.

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