Advice column: Been dating for 14years, never met a single member of his family

I met this man in 2004 and we have been dating since then.  I have never met his parents or siblings because according to him, they live far East and he came to Lagos to hustle when he was only 19. He never talks about his people and I have never been there to see him call them or them call him. He travels every December to the East and all my pleas to take me with him each year falls on deaf ears. Its either the fare will be too much for two and when I suggest I pay for myself – it is, he didn’t tell anyone he would be bringing me.

I am so scared because everything within me, tells me he just might be married with many kids. I also forget to mention that we have a child together, he has abruptly refused to see my people and I dare not bring up the issue more than once in a month as he would beat the daylight out of me.

Lastly, he is a chronic womaniser but that’s not even the painful part, he likes to sleep with young girls a little above 15, I caught him one time with my landlord’s daughter on the mattress I bought with my money and he promised to kill me, if the girl’s parents ever get to know.

I think I’m kinda stuck in this hell hole because of my son. Please advice me.