Advice column: he wiped my veejay with a handkerchief after we made love in his car

I haven’t been able to sleep or eat well since Sunday out of worry and fear. I met this guy on Valentine’s day this year. I ran an errand for my mum when we met. He kind of helped me locate a place around Ikoyi. I really don’t know the Island much because I stay on Lagos mainland.

We exchanged numbers and we have been talking on Whatsapp since then. We met again on an arranged date on Sunday, and one thing led to another we had sex in his car because he came to drop me at my house and the place was sort of lonely and dark. There was no tissue paper in his car so he offered me his handkerchief. I asked him to give it to me to dispose it but he put it quickly in his pocket, saying he would always smell it to remember the best car sex of his life.

I didn’t really think it was a big deal until I got to my room and started imagining all the evils that could happen to me, if the guy is a ritualist. I’m so scared, please everyone, what can I do???

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  1. For me I think it’s weird that he used handkerchief to clean your veejay in the first place, due to stories have heard mostly ritualist do this kind of things so honesty if you’re alive to see this what you need is prayer, serious prayers.

  2. I will advise that you do all you can to locate him. After you are able to locate him, arrest him, charge him to court and secure a 3 years safe existence charge. It means nothing should happen to you within 3 years.

    To locate him,I believe you should lure him since you guys talk on WhatsApp. Arrest him immediately you see him. And if you can’t arrest him,you could be in danger. Anybody who does what you said he did( wipe your vagina with his handkerchief) is an evil person.

    On your part,I must say you were loose and foolish. Are you blind and deaf to all the evil flying around the world. How could you still play loose?

    If you are not sick by now,. I advise you to give your life to Jesus Christ, and he will forgive you and help destroy whatever evil the idiot intends to achieve with your bodily fluids.

    Stay blessed my dear

  3. No condemnation for you sis. I commend your boldness in sharing dis. Ask for forgiveness and pray fervently. Nothing is going to happen to you at all. Just pray and try to locate d guy and do d necessary things like arresting the guy to collect the handkerchief back. And most importantly, learn your lessons and don’t be cheap and incalculative. You are free babe

  4. To wipe yourself means you made love with him without condom…. how could you? A man you don’t know from Adams, this is how you girls go about disgracing womanhood.
    Anyway, the deal has been done so the next step is to secure your life…. Report the matter to your parents just in case, your parents are in best position to tell you what to do. You must tell your parents, yes they will be upset with you, even shout at you, but they are your parents, they wouldn’t abandon you.

    Your parent will help you contact the police, all you have to do is Lure the guy to a location, tell him you miss him and want another sex, if he oblige and come, then have him arrested so that he can sign undertaken that nothing should happen to you.

    If he refuses to come, then you have to turn to prayer warrior. It means he is after your life.

    but still the guy could be innocent and really need the handkerchief to smell and jerk off like a sick weirdo.

    I will pray for you too. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you….. Ask God for forgiveness and truly be repentant of your sins. God will not allow any evil to befall you. You are covered with the blood of Jesus.

    Take care!!!

  5. The deed has been done, there is no need to aportion blame. my candid advice is for her to run to God and plead for His mercy and forgiveness. then after which you embark on intensive prayers to avert any evil from that man. i believe God will answer you if you truly seek Him from the depth of your heart

  6. @charles… what you are saying is baseless…arrest him for what. She herself had said she borrowed d handkerchief from him..used it on her self and handed it over to him… but i beleive d guy might be innocent… she should just go and pray and get rid of her stupid attitude of having sex any how with anyone.

  7. Some of you are just wicked. She needs help and u r criticising her instead helping her. My GOD bless some of you that have giving her wise council. Pls my sister just be prayerful and also tell a prophet.

  8. If he did not use a condom, have u considered that perhaps he too was scared of what u might do with his body fluids (probably mixed up in what was wiped off your Veejay) and that’s why he preferred to pocket the hanky?

  9. The mistake has already been done, all you just have to do is pray to God and ask for forgiveness, and also that any wrong intention the young man has to do with the handkerchief, should be frustrated by God.

  10. It’s not too late to accept Jesus Christ for He is the ultimate solution. Meanwhile, why is the fear of death a reason to be closer to God! Try and locate him and being assertive and tother trust are two different things. Learn to be assertive in other areas and also be polite. But more importantly, have Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour.

  11. Apply the principle of Proverbs 28:13 KJV
    He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.
    1. Give your life to Jesus if you have not done so. CONFESS your sins before God and also a 3rd party possibly your mum and your pastor
    2 . REPENT AND FORSAKE such acts of ungodliness
    3. Pray a prayer of FAITH. You must promise HIM that you will not continue in sin.
    4. Your safety is guaranteed

  12. Please try to be disciplined. How will u meet someone so fast and u allowed him to sleep with you. Put your mind at rest. Bible says with God all things are possible. So go to God in prayer, ask for forgiveness, try to make your body God’s temple and tell God to shield you and render the power of evil ones useless in your life. God is able to do all things

  13. My dear you don’t need to be scared of what may happen to you because, he (the guy) has no evil thought for you if he has, you won’t be alive to write this messages because, according to your story you said, sunday night you both had something together and nothing happen to you all through the night. and there you her still breathing. My dear, relax and stop thinking to avoid a high blood pressure.

  14. Get rid of the fear that’s plaguing you right now. It’s simply a way the devil has chosen to keep you in his bondage. learn from what happened and move on with your life. you guys can even and up marrying yourselves but when you retain fear you’ll repel every positive occurrences that should come your way.

  15. My sister trust God and be strong but don’t turn back on your evil in the time of ignorance God over look His mercy and on the cross is at work to secure a perfect thank God you realized yourself and make it public. My prayer is that for your bold step out here God will avert all negative plan positive for your sake, remain bless.