Advice column: I slept with my boss for promotion and now he wants it every morning I come to work

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I didn’t want to do it but I knew what a promotion would do for me. The package was coming with a lot of juicy offer and I couldn’t resist. It was suppose to be a one time thing. I let him ride me like a hoe because he was going to play a key role in the decision making process.

That was last month, now I have resumed my new office and for the past two weeks, he calls me into his office for a quickie – Every morning. I am disgusted and fed up. Please what do I do, I need advice.


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  1. to me, there are three options here. can do as he wants to keep your job cus if you dont you are fired
    2. you can say no and quit cus he is going to fire you anyway
    3. you can threaten to expose him if he keeps asking for sex. threaten to tell his wife,family and friends. am sure he wants his dignity intact. then run to a nearby police station to make a complaint incase you end up dead somewhere. but frankly,secrets like this always come back to hunt you. so,please brace yourself for the worst.

  2. You already lost your dignity and position to him at the moment you agreed to get let him between your legs.

    This is because there are only three paths that await you.

    1. You continue sleeping with him till he gets tired of you. Then, he’ll seek another woman he can exploit and just replace you with her.
    2. You refuse him sex, he fires you anyway.
    3. You intentionally resign, but your loss anyway. It’s eerily similar to No. 2 above.

    If he’s got a wife, you could find a way to reveal this to her or at least threaten him with that. You could try to(or at least) reveal his secret to everyone in the office as well(video recording might do it better). However, the likelihood that you maintain your job even with all these options above is quite slim, and you’d still have lost your dignity anyways, as well as your stance before God. Try to fix the latter first, Jesus still loves you.