Advice Column: I think I’m cursed because only broke guys come for me

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I have gone to several spiritual houses for cleansing but no result has come forth. I’m 23-years old and since I started dating 5 years ago, a rich guy has never ever asked me out only broke ones.

I have seen poverty tear down  families, I have seen women desert their marriages and I have seen men lose their self respect because they’re broke. I don’t want to date or marry a poor man. I don’t want to go through what my mother went through. I don’t want a man with that ‘I have a bright future’ crap. I want to see the future now – however, the only guys I have ever dated are the ones that can’t even fend for themselves no more of me. I’m worried because this trend scares me.

Advice me please.


  1. Dear young lady,

    Your complaint is rather curiously funny. What are you really looking for in a relationship? Respect and happiness or money without respect and happiness? Dating a rich man does not mean he will spend on you. Someone with a modest means can spend all he has on you, and still respect you by treating you like a queen. If your concern is money, what do you think you are worth financially? That is, what are you yourself offering a man in return for his money? Just your body? That’s quite cheap. Your mum might be poor but she “happily” brought you up to the current standard. Don’t base your relationship on a man’s money unless you have money to offer him so as to have a mutual relationship that ranks within the equilibrium. Seek for a man that loves and cares for you. Support him, and pray for him. God will make him rich, and sustain the relationship in a meaningful way. The easiest way of making money out of any relationship is to be a lady of easy virtue. A prostitute makes money without respect. Rise above it.