Advice Column: I think my pastor wants to sleep with me

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This might just be a funny feeling but I have this weird feeling that my pastor is sexually attracted to me. I go to a not-so-large congregation church where everyone knows each other, where almost all the members including the pastor know each other’s house.

Lastweek, I wasn’t in church because I was down with fever. So, at around 6pm, I heard a knock on the gate, my husband had gone to his brother’s house with our son, I thought it was them, and was wondering why he didn’t take his key, sent my help to open it, but it was my pastor. Obviously, he came to inquire why I wasn’t in church that day. We got talking as usual, then I sent my help to get what her and my kid will take to school the next day.

The conversation somehow drifted towards how many women tempt men of God. He started telling me some of his experience and the description became too erotic. I was taken aback because I expected that he would censor his words. After everything, he said he was leaving and would like to pray with me. He came close to me, I closed my eyes and bowed my head. Next thing I felt was his hand on breast, which he quickly removed. I would have let it pass as a mistake if he hadn’t said ‘let me be on my way before the devil tempts me’.

Please advice me, could I be wrong???