Advice Column: I’m 6weeks pregnant for my friend’s dad, He’s threatening me to keep it, else he’d make my life miserable

I was in a financial crises a lot in the last quarter of last year and needed a loan. I told my bestie, who then referred me to her dad – the thing is, the dad has known me since I was a young child. He was friend’s with my dad and that’s how the kids became friends, so I’m supposed to be like a daughter to him.

So, when I went to him last November for a loan to help me boost my business as all my efforts to get elsewhere proved abortive, he gladly obliged and asked me to come pick up the cheque in his office on a certain day. When I got there, I met him talking on the phone, so he signaled me to sit. I sat there and waited for the call to end and it did, after almost 30mins.

Then he comes right behind me and gropes my breast, I was supposed to be disgusted but when I remembered my mission there, I just sat still – He went to lock the door, went to his sit, took down his zippers and gestured to me to come – As if this man was using juju, I just went there and like a good puppy I started giving a 60-something years old man a blow job. After which, we had sex more than twice in his office and he gave me a N2m cheque, which has been of great help to my business. That’s also how I have been sleeping with him and now I’m pregnant and the old man says I must keep i- that he wants to marry me and if I don’t, he would make my life a living hell.

I’m so scared, I don’t know if the man uses juju because whenever we are together, anything he asks of me, I find myself doing it with joy and passion. Please guys, any suggestions to help me get out of this because I have tried to see some pastors and prophets but nothing has worked


  1. Keep d pregnancy for him instead of sending you to hell. If u can sleep with ur friend dad not once but on many occasions and d result of the pregnancy is out, b ready to give d child to him if he insists bcos dats his property.

  2. U decided 2 engage urself in tis mess 4 money sake, it is not juju! Just leave juju out of tis case. No pastor, prophet etc Can end it except u! I dont encourage abortion but u ave 2 carry ur cross of marry an aged man and being a 2nd wife 4 life! There ar 2 ways either u abort n refund 2m naira or continue what u joyfully started. SAM JOE

  3. Bcos u have financial problem now make you to open ur two legs to ur friend’s father, and now u are pregnant for him,u have to keep it or he can do anything to u,just learn how to be a second wife,that’s all.Micheal


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