Advice column: I’m finished, I saw the nudes my girlfriend sent to her sugar daddy and now the old man is threatening me

To think my babe is only 19 and sleeps with a man old enough to be her great grand father is scary but what is even more scary is that she even sends her nudes to him. I  miraculously stumbled on the nude photos my babe sent to her old papa lover, when I asked her to give me her phone to text my boss, who just called me but my phone battery died as soon as I was about to take the call.

She unlocked her phone and gave me, maybe she forgot she had some rotten skeleton in her closet as she handed the phone to me and went to the kitchen almost immediately.

I myself have been dying to see what she has in her phone, went straight to Whatsapp and couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw, I gave her  the beating of her life and she had the guts to report me to the old man who called me to threaten me.

Although she later apologized and said she’s only with grandpa for the money and promised to stop as soon as she graduates, since he’s the main person sponsoring her through school.

Please advice me, should I still continue with the relationship???


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