Advice column: My girlfriend could go days without bathing

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This sounds unbelievable and I would have doubted it, if I have seen it play out in my own relationship. When I first met my girl, she looked like the sort of person who won’t be able to stand filth. She’s very beautiful and no one would think she has this kind of ugly behaviour.

I started noticing it when she would come to spend the weekend at my place. Other girls I have dated before take their baths like they are trying to wash off their sins and I would criticize them heavily – but this one would get to my house from work on Friday and would just wipe off her makeup with facial wipes, that’s it. After seeing this trend, I asked her why and she said because she’s always very tired by the times she gets to my place. The next day, you would expect that she would rush off to take her bath in the morning but that won’t happen. She’d just be fine with making love for several hours without taking a bath. Then, its evening and I’m waiting to see her go to the bathroom but it won’t happen. If I ask her, she tells me, she tired from all the love making. Then Sunday morning I wait patiently to see if she’d bath but hell no, she’d just change her shorts, no shower till Monday morning when she is going to work.

I am already frustrated by this dirty habit, I have talked to her about it severally to no avail – I really love her but don’t know if I’d want to marry a woman, who is scared of bathing. Advice me please.



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