Advice Column: my husband said my veejay is too loose, because he has a job now


My husband recently got a job with a very good pay after being unemployed for over one year. When he got the job offer, I thought it was a joke because the offer was too good to be true – he had almost given up on ever finding a job not to talk of this type.

Just two months into getting this job, his attitude changed. He stopped eating what I cook, with the miserable excuse that he ate a heavy late  lunch and he’s not hungry anymore. Then he started coming home really late. Whispering on the phone and looking back and forth like a thief.

Then we had this argument, he tells me my veejay is too loose, that he doesn’t feel nothing when we make love. The same man that treated me like a princess when I was feeding and clothing him.

I need advise please because I can’t get the statement out of my mind.



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  1. i think he is cheating. First, you need to pray for your marriage. and second, i dont think his statement about your vag is the issue here. to me, its a rude way of saying “you aint attractive anymore”. somehow he has lost that attraction. so you have got to change your style. by style i mean your look. be more seductive. and lighten up your sex life. learn new techniques. break your limits madam. Also, try daring stuffs during his work hours. you can sex chat while he is at work,send him nude and be slutty.that would make him want to get home quickly. when he does, pop a bottle of wine while you are topless. its time to go ballistic ma. and pray too.very important

  2. Dont mind him your huz.99per of time wh people start seeing money everything changes.I guess he has started catching feelings elsewhere or others.Just continue to give him your best,since he has more money now,you also need to improve on sex experience,learn&perform more games with that u’ll gradually get back his love.Finally pray for him


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