Advice column: my prophet wants to sleep with my mom after sleeping with me

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My mom was seriously ill late last year and I sort solution everywhere before my coursemate introduced me to one prophet. I took my mum there and within 2 weeks of being in his temple, my mum bounced back to life. The man didn’t ask for any financial reward seeing that I’m an only child and my dad abandoned my mum when I was just 3 months old to marry my mum’s best friend.

However, for the period of time we were there, this man slept with me every night and when we got  back home, he still called me a few times for sex. I obliged him because I wanted to show my appreciation the only way I could.

Then just this Monday, he calls to ask of my mom, told him, she was doing just fine, he says my mom needs to come back because he had a revelation about her health. I was so scared. Took my mum there, only for him to say the only way she would be fully liberated was if he sleeps with her 7 times to invoke the spirit of sickness.

My mum just got up and walked out, leaving me there on my seat still shocked from what the man said. I asked the man if that was the only way, he says if she doesn’t do it, she’d die.

Please, I don’t want to lose my mum I’m only 19. Advice me.


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