Advice Column: My wife is nothing but a shameless dog

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I regret that I didn’t see her for who she really is, before I married her – To think that we met and fell in-love in church is the most confusing part of my story.

Although I already sent her back to her parents house, everyone from my family including hers, are begging me to take her back for the fact tat no one is perfect. They all seem to move quickly over the fact that I caught my wife in bed with our bachelor neigbour and that type of scene is hard to erase. Even her parents who should hide their face in shame haven’t stopped calling and texting me to have a reconciliation meeting with me.

I told them I’m not interested but they won’t let me be. I don’t think I can ever live with such a woman again but the whole world is begging me to, for the sake of our baby. Please, what do I do?


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