Advice Column: My wife prefers to tell her pastor things she would NEVER tell me

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Hello Editor, please advice me before I send her packing to go and marry her pastor

My own wife would rather confide in her pastor about everything, I mean everything from when we last had sex, how often we do it, what she intends to cook for me when I get home from work, what she earns as monthly salary(which I only got to find out recently because I stumbled on a bank alert) and so on.

The other day, the pastor called me while I was at work, scolding me about why I refused to eat the ‘tasteless’ food my wife cooked for me before complaining. According to him, I’m supposed to understand that she made the food ‘tired’. He also mentioned that he was very disappointed at how childish I am, that my wife is a very beautiful woman and any man would be proud to have her. See me see trouble o.

So, I am tired and want her to just go and meet her pastor since she trusts him more than me or what do you think???


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