Advice column: to the girl whose veejay got wiped with a hankie, I can relate


I read a story here of a girl who had sex with a man in his car and he wiped her private part with a hankie, please you need to see your pastor or a strong babalawo right away.

I almost died in 2015 because of this same mistake. The sad part was, the man in question was my boyfriend and it didn’t even cross my mind that he would want to do something that dangerous to me. After we made love that fateful day, he wiped my private part with his hankie and I didn’t think anything bad after all, we were together for 2 years before the incident .

However after I got home few days later, I started seeing smelling puss come out of my private part. I thought it was an infection so I bought some anti-biotics, and the puss got  worse. I started feeling very sick and sore started spreading from my private area to my leg and stomach. My mother quickly rushed me to a hospital but after days of being there, one nurse told my mum to take me to a spiritual home, that it wasn’t normal. We travelled all the way to my mum’s village to see one man, who revealed everything to us. We arrested the boy and he confessed. A lot of things were done, before I became well again.

Please act fast before its too late. I wish you well.