Benita Okojie In Tears During Circumcision of Her Baby Boy (Photos)

There is always this teary feeling that comes with being a new mother especially when the baby is about to go through some certain process of life.

Popular gospel singer, Benita Okojie, has just had that part of the feeling and she could not hide how she felt when her boy was being circumcised at the hospital.

She disclosed that she was feeled with tears and could not stay at some point on hearing how her boy was crying.

She wrote:

Hey mothers!! I’m back 😉😊
So no matter how much a mother loves her child she can’t wish away certain things. One is CIRCUMCISION. There should be a class to prepare mothers on how to deal with circumcision. I’m not joking! The day we went for ours, I heard baby A’s cry where I was seated at the corridor. I couldn’t take it. ‘Ara n ta mi’
I had to take a walk cause if I’d stayed a second longer, I would’ve gone in and carried him . I was emosh ehen.. maybe because i ate a meal that had too much onions earlier. 😉 That too must have contributed to it abi?

The whole day was a quiet one. I fed him, sang, prayed, patted him, tried everything I could but I knew it was painful. I had to get reinforcement from my mothers.
So imagine my joy when he finally slept… Thank God for the grace that comes with motherhood!
I heard that for the girl child, ear piercing is close to male circumcision. Is that true?
So, dear mother’s what was your circumcision or ear piercing experience like?
P.s I’ll post the best ear piercing experience here.. 😘😘
#MummyABants #JoysOfMotherhood


  • The agony, she went through is nothing towards the painful and totally unnecessary experience, she put her own child through
    Circumcision should be banned.

  • Nobody should take a knife to a small childs genitals.
    What an atrocity. No wonder the mother is in emotional pain. But it is nothing compared to the physical pain and ever lasting loss that the infant is suffering.

    And no. A piercing of the ear is nothing at all compared to removing a lot of functioning, healthy tissue, created by god or evolution for protection of the extremely sensitive glans of the penis.

  • No, its nothing like a piercing! Its much more like having a fingernail pulled out except that will still grow back again! The foreskin is attached to the head of the penis just as a fingernail is attached to a finger. Imagine having a sharp instrument pushed down behind your nail to release it from the finger, that’s what its like. The actual cutting is afterwards is not quite so bad but by that time the baby is in complete agony. There is a lot of evidence that early trauma like this causes irreversible changes in the brain and may be explains the connection between autism, particularly infant autism, with circumcision. it is absolute complete madness for any parent to put their child through this. If it is such a good idea to be circumcised let the owner of the body decide it for himself when he gets old enough to have a say. Hopefully soon Iceland will start an avalanche of countries banning it and it will be, quite rightly so, regarded as no different from circumcising girls.

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