Buzzing Today: No more killings? – IGP withdraws police escorting VIPs

Many Nigerians following the deaths of innocent Nigerians at the hands of the ruthless Fulani herdsmen have wondered why ordinary Nigerians have little or no security while the rich have a lot of security men guarding them. The Inspector General of Police on Monday has ordered the immediate withdrawal of personnel attached to private companies and individuals. This decision may be as a result of the aforementioned criticism.

This announcement was made in Abuja during a conference with senior officers,by the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris as he stated that the directive also affected private businessmen, multi-national companies and other corporate organizations who are enjoying special police protection. He said:

“In view of the current security challenges in the country, it has become expedient for the Nigeria Police Force to streamline the deployment of its personnel attached to political and public office holders, aimed at enhancing effective and efficient policing of the country.

“To this effect, a memo will be forwarded to the President for approval which will serve as a guideline or template for deployment to VIPs, political and public office holders in the country. Accordingly, a directive for withdrawal of all police officers deployed to VIPs, political and public office holders with immediate effect, is hereby given.”

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  • That order should be disregarded.Except they are all playing with our intelligence;including the PRESIDENCY.
    You were directed to relocate to BENUE to curb the HERDSMEN killing and you didnt heed the directives.Now you want to dole out order;nobody will carry it out;except there is a deception within you guys..

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