Checkout Hairstyles You Need To Try If You Have A Big Forehead

The struggle to find the perfect style when you have a big forehead is real
Having a big forehead is not easy. Finding nice hairstyles to cover your ‘blessing’ is even harder. However, the truth is that everyone knows girls with big foreheads are the prettiest *wink*. We found some really cool hairstyles for you to try. Remember to share with other members of the big forehead gang.

1. Bangs 
If you have a big forehead, bangs should be your go-to hairstyle.

2. The side part
This is a lifesaver as well. Make sure the side part shows a flattering side of your face.


3. Curly Afro
The bigger, the better. If your natural hair can’t make a huge afro yet, you can get natural hair extensions.


4. The Center Part
Center parts draw attention away from your huge forehead.


5. Pixie Cut
Rihanna showed girls with big foreheads the light with her amazing pixie cut styles


6. Be confident, and slay!

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