Controversy As Catholic Priest Says Leaving Inheritance For One’s Children Is The Most Foolish Thing To Do

A trending video has shown the moment a Nigerian cleric, Rev. Fr. George Ehanusi, talked to his congregation about inheritance.

The priest, in his sermon, told his listeners that the practice of leaving inheritance for one’s children and grandchildren is the most foolish thing to do in the world and it should be discouraged.

According to him, everyone has been born with the brain to do something ingenious and smart but that if someone is left with a lot of inheritance, the person will no more be prodded to make use of their brain to become creative because they already have everything they need.

However, not many people agree with the priest. 

Nigerians on social media have slammed the cleric, with some saying that even the Bible supports leaving inheritance for one’s children.

Watch the video below:

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