‘Don’t vote Buhari out’ – Martin Luther King Jr’s nephew give serious advice to Nigerians ahead of 2019

Mr. Isaac Newton-Farris, one of the nephews of American civil right activist, Martin Luther King Jr has appealed to Nigerians to give Pres. Buhari time to implement his reforms and move the country forward.

Newton–Farris spoke during a luncheon organized to celebrate the Black History Month for the first time in Nigeria.

He said:

My advice to Nigeria is this, I know that a lot of Nigerians feel a little displeasure with President Buhari moving too slow on some of his reforms. I will counsel Nigerians to say give this man the time he needs to do the job that he is doing. He is one of the most legitimate leaders that the continent has produced. And he would if you all just stick to him I assure you he is going to make Nigeria a better place.

Mr. Newton – Farris added that though he is a visitor to Nigeria, he was confident that Nigerians will benefit a lot if they support the president and give him the time he needs to complete his work.

I know for instance what your citizens will say to me, he will identify the corruption but won’t do anything, he says until an investigation is done. But that is the proper way to do that. You know fortunately he is an honest man, but if he would just decide in his mind what is corrupt and not corrupt and just taking action without a process what will happen with the next guy that comes who might not be as honest as he is. So, you need a process. So, it is not about the person or personality, but it is about the fact. So, I will just counsel Nigerians, I know, I am a visitor it is really not my business, but be careful before you vote this man out of office.

Source – Akpraise


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