Friend who told ‘Black Panther’ star Danai Gurira to get a respectable job apologizes for not believing in her acting dream

As with every successful person, Danai Gurira has her story of struggles. During that time, she was discouraged by some friends and asked to give up on her acting dreams and get a respectable job.

One of such friends who encouraged Danai to try getting a more practical job and give up on acting, which wasn’t paying off, is Fred Swaniker. Fred has told the story of the first time he met Danai in college and how he couldn’t understand her passion for theatre arts. He said he vehemently advised her against choosing to major in theatre and once walked out on one of her plays on campus because he felt he had better things to do.

Years later, he was surprised to see her on TV in an episode of ‘Law and Order’. He is now apologizing to her for not believing in her. He also went on to encourage people to follow their passions even if it isn’t paying at the moment.

Read the story below.


Friend who told

Friend who told

Friend who told

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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