Horror: Nigerian Student Nearly Kills Himself During “Feast Of Praise” At Redeemer’s University (Video)


The scene of the shocking incident

A video has shown the really shocking moment a young man almost killed himself in front of many people during an event.

In the video, people are seen gathered inside a building, apparently for a program. There is a huge screen at the stage and ushers are seen moving abut.

Suddenly the young man is seen high up at the gallery making some effort get on top the railing. He succeeds and stands upright as the people watch.

Just as everyone thought he was done with his weird stunt, the young man suddenly did a back flip from the railing and landed awkwardly on his back. He tried to stand up but falls back again as people rush to help him.

Local reports show that the incident happened during the Feast Of Praise, a program that took place at the Redeemer’s University in Osun State yesterday. The young is said to be a student if the institution.

The motive behind the young man’s stunt is not clear yet.

Watch the video below:

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