“I slepted off” – Davido shades his girlfriend Chioma as he calls out Babcock University

Davido mocks his girlfriend after she made a grammatical blunder. He also blamed the school as well.

Taking to snapchat the popular singer wrote:

“I slepted off”-Avril Babcock no do well

Davido is also an alumnus of the school.

His academic journey began as a student of business administration at Oakwood University in the United States.

In 2010, he decided he was wasting his life and would rather be doing something he’s passionate about. He tried to leave school and relocate to Nigeria to follow his passion for music, but ‘Baba Olowo’ himself, his dad, was ‘not feeling that idea’.

Davido was sent back to the US to face the drudgery of social science studies, suppressing his soul yearning for artful expression through music. But the heart wants what the heart wants when it knows what it wants. It was only a matter of time before his dad realized that his son was only dancing to the tune of his own destiny.

Leaving school was never an option for his dad and leaving music wasn’t an option for him. So the two had to be combined conveniently and Babcock’s music department was born.

Davido’s father, Deji Adeleke, is a successful businessman who has considerable influence in the university, being a founding member of the university and the chairman of its inaugural Board of Trustees.

He helped access over N200 million in the process of establishing the school years ago, which is the background to the N200 million joke the VC made at the convocation ceremony.

During the presentation, the VC had joked: ‘If you pay N200 million, you can be up here taking pictures with your son.’

Davido’s mother, late Veronica Adeleke, who passed away in 2003 when he was 11 years old, was also lecturer at the university in the early years of establishment. One of hostels in the school bears his family name.

The music department was promptly established and Davido was enrolled on a part-time basis as the first and only student of the music department in 2012.

Already established is that he wasn’t your average student. He carried his work with him wherever he went around the world. He was on off-campus mode but he used to have a rented flat on campus at the staff quarters. He snuck in from time to time to attend lectures and submit assignments, then he’d be out before long.

He obviously received special treatment from the school and his lecturers because, well, he was a special student. “It’s hard but my teachers understand because they know what I do and they’re fans as well,” he explained in an interview.

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