Leicester City’s Wilfred Ndidi Praised by Critics

(Ndidi on the right. Source @cfcunofficial (Chelsea Debs) London)
Leicester City has been one of the more consistent teams this season and while Manchester City and Manchester United seem to be currently occupying the top positions, there is still a little to go, and you can expect changes.

In what might come as a surprise to many, Leicester City’s Wilfred Ndidi has won the hearts of many critics with his performance this season. He is, what you could term as the most ‘consistent’ player in the game today and in just a little over two months at the club, has cemented his place easily.

He has played in as many as 32 games this season and has helped the Foxes keep a clean track record of nine sheets. Apart from that, he has also scored a goal himself along with assisting three others.

Among the most vocal supporters of his form is none other than manager Claude Puel, who believes that in spite of his average showing against Stoke City in the last game, where they had to draw it out, Ndidi has made all the right noises. For him, Ndidi has been among the most prominent players, who has helped recover a lot of balls.

Even though he could have an off day, he is one of the best in the training sessions and has attributes that are missing from other players in the team. What Puel really loved about Ndidi though is his ability to win the ball in one on one duels. His strong start and force, along with his good skills make the difference in the team, Puel feels.

What do the praises mean when it comes to Ndidi’s career? For one, he would be looking to keep on with his consistent performance against the Bournemouth game on Saturday.

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