Nigerians Fire Shots at Ben Bruce For Being a ‘Hypocrite’

Senator Ben Bruce as usual took to his Twitter handle to lament why Nigerian doctors are underpaid. The ‘common sense’ senators said while doctors in Canada are protesting that they are being paid too much, doctors in Nigeria are on strike for not being paid enough.

The senator probably aiming for a ‘thumbs up’ from Nigerians for the tweet got the exact opposite as many Nigerian twitter users blasted him for being a ‘hypocrite’ who should have done what the Canadian doctors did, by protesting the N13.5million as extra running cost amassed by he and his colleagues.

Do you agree with them or Mr Bruce???


  • common thief and common liars….
    the house of assembly is the home of yahoo yahoo…… protest against your huge bumper pay. idiot

  • Our senators are big snakes that have been swallowing our economy. Let them be probed and show us receipts for expenses incurred and show Nigerians projects executed.

  • Ben Bruce is a shameless Disgusted Senator whose sense has drained to an embarrassing level. some of them have brought the Senate to an irredeemable redicule in the name of politics or taking their palm of flesh from the president. alas, while the presidency is standing talk on its feet, the senate has degenerated to a clownish arm of govt seeking for relevance. let Ben Bruce and his other accomplice refund the illegal 13.5m allowance and 200m yearly constituency project money before he can qualify to comment on doctors pay. let the coup plotting ekwerenmadu know that his illegally acquired properties being confiscated by pmb are gone forever no matter what he say on the floor of d senate. let him wait for his arrest and prosecution for treason soon.

  • All these Senathieves contributed to the downfall of our dear country day and night. Mr. Bruslee, what is your take on the recent information aired by your colleague Sani?

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