Nigerian Man Who Went On A Holiday In Mexico Recounts How He Was Viciously Attacked (Photos)

A Nigerian mother, Dorothy Eze Ijeoma, has taken to her Facebook page to share the story of his sons who were viciously attacked and brutalized in Mexico as they travelled to the country for the first time on holidays.

Here’s how she shared the story in full online;


“On February 19th 2018, my sons and I traveled as a family for the first time to Mexico. We stayed at the Luxury Bahia Principe Resort. At 1am on February 22nd 2018, my son Jason Enwere fought for his life 3 times and survived. 

Please help me share his story to the world. Thankful. There Is A God Thank You For Your Prayers.

These are his words…..

Last night, for the 1st time in my life, I faced death head on. On my way back to my resort from Playa del Carmen at 1am, I entered a regular taxi, with my seat belt on. It occupied a Mexican driver and a gentleman. I negotiated with the driver that it would be a 200 pesos ride back to my resort. 

Little did I know that they were out to get me. I had recalled the route going back from a previous trip and realized that the cab driver made a funny turn. Before I knew it, the passenger behind me put me in an arm choke hold and asked me to give them everything I had. The driver immediately raced towards my phone and I began to kick him. His partner began to squeeze my neck harder and I lost consciousness. 

All I remember after that was waking up to the sound of wind as my body was dangling outside of the passenger door. When I woke up, I began fighting the driver viciously – a melee ensued again. This time I was injuring both counterparts. I then remember the driver asking his partner to grab for his gun multiple times but his partner hesitated. 

They slowed down the car, pulled off to the side of the road and the drivers partner grabbed a boulder the size of a volleyball and began to strike my head with it – hence the massive contusions on my skull (13 stitches). Those blows to my head made me pass out again. I woke up a few seconds later because I felt my body scraping against the asphalt – as I was still being dragged out the car. 

After a few minutes of fighting and dragging I finally let go of the car and the 2 gentlemen sped off in a frenzy. All they got was an iPhone and 2 rings. Out of sheer shock and pain, I passed out for a 3rd time, woke up and luckily walked a few km before finding a police road stop. They contacted the hotel my family was staying at and reconnected us all. I’ve never hugged and cried in my mother’s arms the way I did that night. 

I really thought I was going to die. To all the people in this world that hustle/grind for their money – please be mindful of how you do it. Out of greed, I was left on a Mexican highway hemorrhaging from a severe cut to my head. I pray this world will one day find peace and harmony. MexicoNeverAgain.”

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