Nigerians React to Bill Gates’ Statement that ‘President Buhari’s economic blueprint does not address Nigerians’ needs’

World’s second richest man and founder of Miscrosoft, Bill Gates was in Nigeria yesterday. Gates in his address noted that the present economic templates being used by the Muhammadu Buhari led government, do not have the ability to address the unique needs of Nigerians. Mr Gates’ statement was received with mixed feelings. However, here are 5 things Nigerians had to say.

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  • I advice the President to back out as it is obvious that he lacks the technical knowledge required to successfully bring about changes in Nigerian economy.
    The number one thing that will reflect good governance is the positive changes in the economy of the country being governed. In this present regime, Nigerians have went through a lot of economy hardship ranging from recession, 100% inflation etc.
    I belief this country have all it takes to be great if we have competent leader to lead the nation.

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