Only In Lagos: Three Men Spotted Running Their Car Wash Business In The Middle Of Heavy Traffic (Video)


Lagos is known to be a city of hustlers because the people who live in it engage in all sorts of businesses to make sure life keeps going on, as proved by a new video which has just emerged online.

The trending video shows the moment some men were spotted running their car wash business right in the middle of traffic in Lagos.

In the video which was taken by some persons driving in their car, two men are seen washing a car with soaps and wet clothes in the hot sun. They go round the car making sure it has taken in the soap and is well scrubbed with the clothes.

A third man is seen with a bucket and is going round the car pouring water on it to wash off the soapy areas.

Social media users have reacted to the video with many people admitting Lagos is indeed a place for those willing to throw away their pride and really work.

Watch the video below:

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