Police In Shock As 54 Human Hands Are Found Inside Snow After Being Cut Off (Photos)

A grim discovery of 54 severed human hands his been made beneath thawing snow in a mystery baffling the police.

The shocking find was made by a local at a popular fishing spot – uncovering the macabre discovery beneath the ice.

All but one of the 54 hands were sealed in a bag, and police believe they belong to 27 pairs.

Pictures show the selection of decaying digits laid out on the snow as police try to solve the case.

The discovery was made on a river island close to the city of Khabarovsk in Siberia, close to the border with China.

Police believe they suggest a spate of graverobbings, rather than being cut from living people. 

One gruesome theory is that the hands were severed from dead bodies in a hospital.

It is feared the corpses may have been used for stealing body parts and the hands were cut to prevent bodies being identified afterwards.

Another theory is that the hands could have been axed off as a punishment for theft.

One of the hands was found separately further downstream on another island in the Amur River.

Fingerprints were found on one hand, and the others are being checked. 

Medical bandages and hospital-style plastic coverings for shoes were reportedlyfound next to the selection of hands.

Russian investigators have not given any details about the probe into the case so far.

There is “mystery over who the sinister hands belonged to, when they were chopped off – and why”, reports local media.

Locals have said they did not recall any suspicious activity no the island.


Source: Daily Star UK

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