Read The Emotional Note Man Wrote To His Wife That Has Since Gone Viral

A man identified as Sean Price has taken to Facebook to write an emotional note to his wife of 2 kids. The man believed he had not taken so much time to appreciate her for her efforts in mothering their children.

He said he was so hard on her and would watch her come home bone tired from her 12-hour shift and still have to take care of the family, yet he was “stupid” and saw her as “weak”. But he suddenly came to the realization that he had been overlooking how strong she was.

He realized this after walking in on his tired wife sleeping on the couch with their children in her arms. He captured that moment and shared it on social media.

The post quickly went viral after it was shared. It’s been up for only 18 hours but already has over 43,000 reactions and 33, 364 shares.

He writes:

So many times i called her weak for her intense emotional reactions toward different things… Told her to grow up, “be a woman”, “stop being so insecure”… I’m so hard on my wife and oftentimes disconnected, because the strength i thought she needed, i couldn’t see that she already had it. I confused her love and weakness for me, for lack of strength as a woman… Twice i watched her give birth to nearly 8lb babies, without epidurals and minimum assistance..

I watch her come home everyday to a 3yr with absolutely no chill whatsoever, after a 12hr shift, and have to stay up with him despite being tired. Even with all that she rarely complains and deals with my shit. How could I be so damn stupid, to see “weakness” within all of this?? Today, when i walked into the living room and saw this I realized just how much of a fool I AM…

We miss what’s there in plain sight because we become fixated on the fantasy, not realizing that our reality is the fantasy… Sometimes you just have to remove the spec from your own eye! I thank God for my wife, for the ups and downs, and everyday lessons and the strength she has that i was blind to see. I am grateful for the revelation that today has brought




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