School fight between two teenagers ends in death

A heated argument between two teenage boys at school ended in tragedy on Tuesday when one of the boys was stabbed to death.

It is alleged that Cells Moyana (14) was attacked and stabbed by the 20-year-old brother of the 15-year-old boy he was fighting with.

According to the police, the two brothers went to Cells’ home at night and the older one reportedly stabbed the deceased with a sharp object.

After news of the incident spread, furious residents of Xikukwani Village in Giyani, Limpopo, gathered and burned the suspects’ house down.

Both brothers were arrested and are due to appear in the Giyani Magistrates Court today.

The older brother apparently decided to attack Cells, a grade 8 pupil, after his mum told him about the fight that took place at Mbangazeki High School.

After Cells was stabbed, he managed to climb a fence to get into his neighbour’s yard but he fell and died a few metres from the door.


Cells’ uncle. Eric Manganyi, said:

We were shocked to hear about what happened to Cells. He was a quiet boy and we didn’t know him as troublesome.

Limpopo police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said the burning of the house was being investigated, but no arrests had been made yet.

Source: Daily Sun

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