Shock As Angry Man Cuts Off His Son’s Hand With Knife… You Won’t Believe Why He Did It

A report by Meteo UK, has shown that a butcher has been accused of chopping his own son’s hand off after repeatedly catching him watching porn on his mobile phone. When the teenager refused to hand over the phone, his dad reportedly flipped.

The alleged incident, in the city of Hyderabad, India, happened when 18-year-old Mohammad Khalid Qureshi refused to obey repeated warnings from his 45-year-old father.

Mohammad Qayyum Qureshi, a butcher, was trying to put an end to his son’s obsession with a brand new smartphone.

When he was once again caught by his dad on Sunday watching adult movies, Qayyum tried to snatch the phone from his hands.

An image emerged on social media that allegedly showing the boy involved. But as he resisted the attempt, Khalid bit his father’s hand and fled, only returning home late at night when everyone in the house was already asleep.

On Monday morning, the pair clashed again.

‘In a fit of anger, Qayyum picked up his butcher’s knife and chopped off Khalid’s right hand,’ Pahadishareef police inspector P Lakshmikanth Reddy told the Hindustan Times.

‘Hearing the son’s screams, the other family members came and immediately took him to a nearby hospital, where the doctors said the hand was 90% severed and the chances of restoring it are bleak.’

After the incident, the man surrendered himself to the Pahadishareef police station and was sent for a 14-day pre-trial detention.

‘The father has been booked under section 307 of Indian Penal Code (attempt to murder) and taken into custody,’ Reddy said.

During questioning, the dad said his son was ‘badly addicted to watching porn’ on his mobile phone ‘at the expense of his work, food, and sleep’.

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