Shocking! Teenage Student Shoots And Kills His Parents When They Came To Pick Him Up From School

 Twitter image of Davis Jr. (James Davis via Twitter)

A university student accused of killing his parents at Central Michigan University (CMU) in the US has been arrested, campus officials said.

James Eric Davis Jr, 19, allegedly killed the couple in a residence hall on Friday morning when they came to pick him up for a week-long spring break.

The suspect fled after the shooting and was seen on a train passing through the end of campus after midnight, local media reported. He was later arrested without incident, officials said.

Officials said they believed the shooting “started from a domestic situation”.

James Davis Sr. (l.), 48, and his wife, Diva Davis (r.), 47,  were fatally shot by their son, James Davis Jr., 19,

at a dorm room on the Central Michigan University Campus on March 2, 2018. (Facebook)

In a news conference on Friday, campus police spokesman Larry Klaus told reporters the suspect was known to police, as they took him to a hospital the night before the incident for a “drug-related type of incident – an overdose or a bad reaction to drugs”.

There were no other casualties reported in the incident.

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