The Sad Story Of Legendary Comedian Who Died Just 2 Days After Marrying His Partner Of 40 Years (Photos)

Sir Ken Dodd, one of UK’s most popular comedians and musician, secretly married his partner of 40 years Anne Jones just two days before he passed away.

According to a report by Metro UK, Ken and Anne married on Friday 9 March, two weeks after Ken was discharged from Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital following six weeks of treatment for a severe chest infection.

His publicist Robert Holmes said: ‘He asked Anne if she wanted to marry.  They got the registrar and were married in the house on Friday.

‘He died two days later on Mother’s Day. Anne is obviously very upset. They had been together for 40 years. It’s a love story to beat them all.’

Holmes also confirmed Dodds’s death in a statement which read: ‘To my mind, he was one of the last music hall greats.

‘He passed away in the home that he was born in over 90 years ago. He’s never lived anywhere else. It’s absolutely amazing.’

Sir Ken Dodd

As he left hospital he joked that he would soon be back on the road: ‘I’m going to teach my legs how to work again, they’ve forgotten you know, and once I’ve recovered myself I’ll get back to doing the job, which is the only job I’ve ever had.

‘While I was in here I wrote some new jokes, so it should be alright.’

Last year he was knighted for his charity work and his outstanding career in entertainment which has lasted for six decades.

Born in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Lancashire, on November 8 1927, it was around the age of 14 he began to discover a love of entertaining after seeing an advertisement in a comic book which read: ‘Fool your teachers, amaze your friends—send 6d in stamps and become a ventriloquist!’.

His father then bought him a ventriloquist’s dummy and Ken called it Charlie Brown, entertaining children at the local orphanage and by the age of 26 he had broken out into the business after years of doing stand up around Nottingham.

His comedy style was fast and relied on the quick delivery of one-liners and the occasional song and dance; he was known for the ‘tickling stick’ and the greeting of ‘how tickled I am!’.

Renowned for the length of his performances, he once earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s longest ever joke-telling session: 1,500 jokes in three and a half hours.

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