“There Was A Time I Didn’t Have Garri To Drink’ – President Buhari’s Photographer Reveals

Bayo shaking President Muhammadu Buhari’s hand

President Buhari’s official photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo has shared an interesting story about his life to motivate people out there.

The man who has now been elevated as the President’s number one photographer while sharing his grass to grace story last night on Instagram wrote: “This Bayo Omoboriowo… Incase you don’t know, I have suffered very well in my life o..I cried at a time in my life cos I didn’t have garri to drink, my allowance in Unilag days was N2000 per month. 

I have also hawked pure water before and at different times it looked as though I was never going to be great. Today I look back at all those days and smile cos God has been super good to me. I am so convinced and excited about tomorrow cos I know the path of the righteous is like shining light and it shines brighter and brighter everyday. Don’t give up, your light would shine and you shall be celebrated. Trust God and Trust your Unique Journey!”

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