This Hilarious Conversation Between A Nigerian Mother And Her Daughter Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

One thing about Nigerian mothers in a conversation, is the humour they employ in describing things…hence, this lady reveals a hilarious conversation she had with her mother.

The lady telling the story

A Italy-based Nigerian lady on Instagram (@ruthymilano), has shared a hilarious conversation that ensued between her mother and her younger sister.

She revealed that her sister had shared pictures of them having fun at the beach and happily told their mom how her husband took her to eat at a floating restaurant behind the picture she sent.

The mother who was surprised on how a restaurant will be situated in the middle of an ocean, told her sister not to eat there, opining that the food will be prepared by water spirits.

She wrote: “I woke up to this from my sister @hopilicious. Here is why I quietly left Facebook for my mum. Each time I posted us on the seaside, my mum comments and also calls to remind me that she never gave birth to me inside the river or lakeside.

“That was why she never took us to bar beach (Lagos) while growing up. #AfricanMother.”

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