Watch Hilarious Videos Of BB Naija Housemates As They Really ‘Roc Da Mat’

This week at the BB Naija House housemates are given a task called ‘Roc Da Mat’ and it entails them stopping whatever they are doing to look for a mat in the house and dance to selected songs by Big Brother.

What makes this task even more interesting part is that they get an all expense paid trip to see the African festival in UK. These got the housemates happy eager for the task, but it is not Big Brother without a few rules and punishments.

Each reward and punishment will be decided everyday by what the housemates pick, so to get lose points or get a strike the housemates have to put their all in this task. The housemates even camped in front of a mat so that they wouldn’t miss their chance.

Watch their maneuvers as they try to rush to a mat.




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