‘You Grabbed My F*cking D*ck!’ – #BBNaija Tobi and Cee-C Drama Shuts Down the Internet

It is safe to say that Tobi and Cee-C are the life of the Big Brother Nigeria show.

Last night, the couple who have been keeping malice for a week finally confronted each other. As usual, they involved other housemates in the drama; Tobi reminded her of how she accused him of sexual assault, and how she once grabbed his penis while they were cuddling in bed, a claim she tried to deny. The drama went south with both throwing cuss words at each other. Tobi later returned to his bed and Cee-C could not sleep.

Many viewers sided with Tobi; Cee-C was fast becoming the villain, but she pulled a fast one that shocked viewers: she walked over to Tobi’s bed to have a heart-to-heart with him, and surprisingly, they made peace and Tobi invited her to lay with him. Shortly afterwards, they moved to her much-comfortable bed, talked long into the night, and eventually hugged and kissed, their hands working each other’s body, legs moving under the duvet, before the camera panned away from then.

It was one hell of an emotional battle, and viewers are drained.

“This is very matured. I see you. She know what to do at any point. People will vote her to see the continuation of everything. You are too wise abeg,” said one Instagram user of Cee-C, and another added, “This gal and dis guy will confuse there fellow housemate tomorrow………lesson learnt from this don’t try to involve in two lovers affairs.”


Source – Olisa


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