13-year-old girl cries for help on social media, claims her mother gives her to men for s3x (video)

A disturbing video coming out of Trinidad and Tobego shows a young girl calling for help on social media and claiming that her mother gives her out to men to satisfy their sexual pleasures.

The 13-year-old girl named Latisha said that her mother abuses her and forces her to have sex with men. In the video Latisha begged for help from her social media followers.

Speaking in broken English, the teen claims that for the last three months her mother has been selling her to men who are aware she’s still a kid yet go ahead to have sex with her.

She adds that her mom “beats” her or “starves” her to force her to sleep with men for money. She goes on to reveal that her mum also forces other young girls into prostitution.

Watch the heartbreaking video below.


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