88-Year-Old Man Dies A Day After Graduation From Bible School (Photos)

An 88-year-old man has died a day after graduating from Salvation Ministries Bible school in Rivers state. It was revealed he had a premonition of his death as he called all his kids before he died. It won’t be wrong if we say he accomplished his dreams.
Oraye St. Franklyn who shared the news on Facebook wrote;

It’s not every day you find a man prepare himself for the glorious life hereafter. A day after these photos were taken on the day of his graduation from Bible School, he checked out quietly without hassling anyone at age 88. He knew his time had come but he wasn’t going to leave without checking up on his children. So he put calls through. Who really does that? lol

“Hello people, I hope y’all are good? Nothing much just checking up on you.”

How could we have known it was the last we would be hearing from him?

He’d be laid to rest on Saturday, the 12th of May, 2018 at Kalio Ama in Okrika, at the exact spot he chose by himself. You think this is made up right? Well, you’d hear from others too.

Good bye Daddy, GrandPa, Great GrandPa.

The entire Obed-Kalio Clan of Kalio Ama appreciates your condolences expressed in many ways than one. Thanks so much.

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