Advice Column: He screams his late wife’s name whenever we make love

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now. We started dating after a mutual friend of ours hooked us up. He lost his wife early 2016, while she was giving birth to their baby. He refused to date afterwards and his family and friends became quite worried, he would always reject anyone they set him up with until we met.

This guy is so cool. He treats me so well and I actually really like him but the problem is, he doesn’t seem to have gotten over his late wife one bit.  Sometimes, he would call me by her name, other times, he would make me dress like her and make her favourite hairstyle. He says I remind him a lot about her. I’m starting to get freaked out because I fear, he would never love me for me but would constantly see his late wife in me.

The most irritating part is that, he screams her name whenever we make love. Like so loudly, I get so disgusted. I have talked to him about it, but he has won’t change, even though he has promised severally to.

I need mature advice please because I’m really close to calling it quit.