Advice Column: My Friend’s Girlfriend Keeps Flirting With Me, If Only She Knows I Have HIV

Please keep me anonymous. I really enjoy what you people do here.

Anyways back to my story. Since 2016 when I was dignosed with disease, I have done my best to stay away from women and sex but sometimes when I really get the urge, I pick up a prostitute and use condom.

Something in me, just keeps telling me never to infect anyone because I got it out of my own restlessness. I have  a big house to myself in Lagos as my parents and siblings mostly live abroad.

My friends usually come during the weekends to chill at my place and sometimes, they come with their girlfriends. There is this particular girl that doesn’t let me be whenever she comes. At first I thought she was just being nice to me because I’m her boyfriend’s friend but I soon realised it was more than that.

We were all crazily drunk one night after clubbing and we all passed out in the sitting room. Somehow I woke up to this girl fondly my machine and I slapped her hands off. She got up and came to lie beside me, whispering and begging me to take upstairs to my room and have sex with her. That she has very strong feeling for me.

I ignored and she continued to pester me until I just managed to get, went to my room and locked the door from behind because I knew she’s come if I didn’t.

She keeps texting and calling me and asking if she could come meet me at home. I really like her too but don’t want to get attached because I don’t want to loose control one day and infect her. Plus she is my friend’s girl.