Advice column: My lover bought me a car and my jobless husband wants me to return it

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My husband and I have been married for 3-years and we have two kids. I married because I became pregnant even though I knew I didn’t love him enough.  Since we have been married, the whole financial burden has been on me. I feed the family, pay all the bills including rent. My husband has never been able to get a job and even when he tries his hands on business(that I give him money for), he fails.

It became so frustrating that I started dating someone(married too). He takes care of me and my needs like a real man should. He works in the same company with me as my immediate boss. Last weekend, he bought me a car for my birthday. As soon as I took it home, my husband in the most annoying  manner asked me where I got the car. I told him I bought it but he says my salary with all the family responsibility I take on, can’t buy me a car – that I either return it or leave his house.

The same house I pay rent for. I want to leave him to die in his poverty but I pity my kids. I don’t want them to grow up under one parent. Please advice me.


  1. Let your lover/boss know what’s on ground, sell the car and use the money for something more important. Family is most important, quit the relationship cos it probably won’t end well. For peace of mind and body, and for the good of the family, especially the children, mend your relationship with your husband. Put minds together to help him get something doing, cos that(joblessness/in ability to provide finances)seems to be the real cause of the problem.