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The Largest Gathering of Corporate Africa on Emotional Intelligence with over 12 speakers from 7 countries.

It’s been concluded globally that your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more important that your Intelligent Quotient (IQ) in any pursuit. In Africa however, there is still very low intentional and pragmatic utilization of Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Tools as a driver for increased productivity, improved profitability and optimized learningKnowing Emotional Intelligence is different from using Emotional Intelligence.How then do we begin this journey?

The 2018 Africa Emotion Intelligence Conference has been designed to bridge the gap between the knowledge of Emotional intelligence and the utilization of Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Tools as a key driver for optimal productivity in workplace and education across Africa.

Join experts and industry leaders around Africa in the first ever Emotional Intelligence Conference for Corporate Africa and Africa Educational Sector.
Join us to explore latest research, breakthrough tools, case studies and best Emotional Intelligence applications that increases workplace productivity and academic excellence.

Don’t miss this rear opportunity to connect with Global Emotional Intelligence Practitioners around Africa and experts in Corporate Africa.
Join and share in proven approaches for putting EQ into action to increase effectiveness, improve wellbeing, strengthen relationships and improve quality of life.
You will know how you brain prefers to work by taking a brain talent test and get your result debriefed during the conference.

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Click here for the schedule of Day 1 Wednesday May 30th, 2018. Theme: “Social and Emotional Learning”(For School Owners, Proprietors, Care Givers, Education Consultants, Teachers, Teachers in Training, and all Stake Holders in Africa Educational Sector)
Day 1 is dedicated to the Educational System. The theme is “Social and Emotional Learning; The Future of Education”. We will be dissecting how to use the competence of Social and Emotional Learning in the educational system. The speakers will show exactly how SEL can be implemented step by step for the Educator, for the students at different levels and for the school system.

Click here for the schedule of Day 2 Thursday May 31st, 2018.Theme: “Emotions Drive Workers – Workers Drive Productivity”(For Managing Directors, Human Resource Managers, Strategists, Business Leaders, Head of Learning and Development, Head of Departments, Staff and Workers of Organizations and all stake holders in the corporate business sector).
Day 2 is dedicated to the Corporate Sector. The Theme is “Emotions Drive Workers; Workers Drive Productivity”. Using scientific research we will be bridging the gap between the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and the utilization of Emotional intelligence as a driver for improving workplace productivity. Applications of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Change Management and Innovation, Organizational Transformation, Data Driven Emotional Intelligence Application and many more business areas will be discussed in the course of Day 2.

Experience great minds together on one platform to share how organizations can adapt to challenges and thrive in this unprecedented dynamism in global economy.

Practical Insight
Find out exactly how organizations have applied Emotional Intelligence to drive sustainable performance in a constantly changing marketplace.

Discover the latest insights from Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience for accelerating leadership and driving a culture of creativity and innovation.

Scientifically Driven
Experience firsthand utilization of scientifically driven potent tools and model that aids productivity.

Network with over 300 Leaders, Managers, Human Resource and Learning & Development practitionersand around Africa and participate in Q&A and panel discussions.

Have a one-on-one sessions with key note speakers inside your organization.

Breakout Sessions
Be part of a unique break out session to learn how Emotional Intelligence can be used to solve your present organizational challenge

Build Network
Build Network with professionals and experts around Africa

Get Discounts
Gain discount on training programs and services offered by sponsors of this event

Brain Profiling
Understand your Brain Style and learn how to harness it for maximum productivity.

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 8:00 AM – to -Thursday,

May 31, 2018 at 4:30 PM (WAT) Sheraton Lagos Hotel30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Lagos 021189 Nigeria

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We hope you can make it! Cheers,Pause Factory; We build the HEAD (Knowledge) and the HAND (Action) through the HEART.


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