#BBNaija: Following Tobi’s eviction from the Big Brother house, His Brother Femi Bakre reacts

Following his eviction from the Big Brother house moments ago, Femi Bakre brother of Tobi stormed social media to react to the eviction of the former banker from the show.


Tobi was announced minutes ago as the recent housemate to leave the Big Brother house and he had things to say too!


Recall, Femi, head of Krakstv, had earlier cleared the air, that he had no bad vibe whatsoever towards CeeC.

In a series of tweets before tonight’s eviction, Femi wrote;

Table shaking time in a bit.

Please note that all views about #BBNaija are solely mine and in no way represent those of @KraksTV

It’s important to do this now and not after the finale because:

1. If Tobi wins, they’ll say I’m arrogant.

2. If any other HM wins, they’ll say I’m bitter.

And once again, pls note that regardless of who goes home with ₦45m 2day, Tobi is a winner.

He has given a good account of himself and the family/community that raised him. He has sold himself WELL, shown the world all he’s about, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

However, the strategy of some other teams was to constantly bring down other housemates and make them look bad. They played dirty and brought up all sorts of propaganda throughout the show.

I really hope you are all proud of yourselves. #Shame

#TeamTobi’s strategy was to amplify every good he did and he sure made it very easy for us.

From HoH tasks to Challenges to Saturday Night Parties, Tobi totally bossed it.

You can’t deny that Tobi was the most entertaining housemate 😏

Dear Lashes FC,

I never hated your King/Queen!!

Tobi kept losing fans because of her and I only aired my frustration through banter, not by attacking or insulting her.

It’s just sad y’all have no sense of humour 🤦🏾‍♂️

If at all I feel anything for your Queen, it has to be pity.

I could tell that her past experiences had shaped her life and all she needed was love and not hate.

Trust me, had Tobi and Cee-C clicked, they would have been the biggest ship to ever sail in #BBNaija history.

Y’all think your ships were cute? LOL

You have no idea how well Tobo G can spoil a woman.

Tobi has a heart of gold and your Queen would have shone like a diamond had she disregarded her “bad bitch” strategy and let love win.

For the umpteenth time, I never hated your Queen, I just didn’t like her making Tobi look bad!

Back in school, all I had to do was study hard, pray, and I would get straight As. I never depended on anyone for anything and this is the mentality I took into the real world.

It’s not a thing of pride but I just never liked bothering anyone.

However, my eyes recently opened to a different reality.

As an entrepreneur in Nigeria, I’ve realised that ur relationships are a major deciding factor of how successful you can be.

If you like be the smartest, most creative, you still need people to fuck with you to make money

The world makes it feel like you have to network, and be friends with everyone to be successful but what about people who are introverts or shy? Does it mean they won’t be successful too? 😩

Now here’s his reaction to Tobi’s Eviction:

Fans of Tobi Quickly took to twitter & reacted to his tweet:


Source – Akpraise

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